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Having lots of choice is both a plus and a negative - it can make choosing harder! Totter + Tumble playmats are made to fit in subtly with your interior, so finding the right one for your home is imperative!
Here we give you the inside scoop on the designs, and show you the different playmats side by side, so you can see your grey from your gray and your seagrass blue from your iron blue. 
As you may well know, Totter + Tumble currently stocks 12 designs across six playmats, with reversible designs. Both the colours and patterns have been carefully designed with interiors at the forefront, but remaining quiet within a room setting, to subtly fit into a wide range of interior styles and allow play to remain focused (see my Montessori blog post for more details). Each playmat has a greyscale design on one side, and more colour on the other.
Picking the right design for your home can be a tough decision, so this blog post will use a series of photos to help you compare the designs, compare the colours, so that you still love and enjoy your home with a Totter + Tumble playmat as an asset to your style. 
With each pair of reversible designs, you'll find one within the scales of grey. So grey is grey, right? Wrong. Whilst we tend to think of grey as a mix of black and white, grey can actually be produced by mixing primary and complementary colours together, giving greater warmth or depth depending on the colours chosen.
Choosing the Right Grey
The gorgeous vintage chevron pattern used within the (from Left to Right in the image below) Wanderer, Nomad and Roamer designs are all a version of grey. 
Grey Totter and Tumble luxury Playmat designs
The Wanderer, on the far left, utilises a light, cool grey with a hint more of the complementary colour making it a fresh greenish-grey that is really versatile. 
The Nomad, in the middle, is a middle grey with cool undertones, reacting well to different room lighting and is well suited to interiors that have an accent colour or for families who may change their interior scheme and want that flexibility.
The Roamer is described as a light Dove Grey, with brown undertones giving it a creamy, warm depth. This playmat is perfect for interiors with a softer scheme without becoming beige. 
Cool Greys
Now you know that cool-grey is best for you, what are your options? Both the Nomad and the Thinker are in this family of grey. As you have read above, the Nomad is a mid Grey, being really versatile in different interiors and reacting to the light in your home. The Thinker is in the same family, but a few shades lighter and is much fresher as a result. Again the subtly botanical pattern balances this to soften the overall look.
Grey playmat thinker nomad 
Warm Greys
Perhaps your home has muted tones to it ior you have creams, browns and taupes, and therefore the warm-greys will be better for you. The Roamer and the Globe Trotter have the same background colour, but there is a difference overall. The Globe Trotter is a touch creamer and therefore a little lighter than the Roamer.
dove grey padded play mat stylish roamer chevron globe trotter botanical playmat for kids
Adding Tones
A go-to hue, blue is easy to decorate with and, more importantly, live in. So blues made an appearance in both the original and the second collections. The Seafarer (the bottom playmat in the image below) has an iron-blue background and is particularly beautiful in darker interior schemes. The Mariner playmat at the top of the image below, harnesses the elegant scalloped dot pattern of the Seafarer with a lighter, brighter alternative, balancing blues and greens with a Seagrass colour in the forefront of the design.
Totter and tumble Seafarer and Mariner scalloped blue playmat subtle stylish play mat for your home
Want something with more accent, but still isn't too bold? The second collection brought the ever popular hexagonal striped pattern in both the rose-terracotta Dreamer and the honey-mustard Dreamer. Both these look stunning on wooden floors in particular, and work well in combination with colour or neutral interior schemes.
golden Mustard and Coral hexagonal striped stylish luxury playmats for children
Adding Greens
I'll save the Wanderlust for later (see below), but if you are wondering about the difference between the greenish-grey Wanderer and the Rambler, then the image below may help you see the grey that balances the Wanderer, whereas the Rambler is firmly in the greens.
Green playmats Rambler and Wanderer luxury memory foam padded play mats for children stylish home interiors for families
The botanicals are a great way of adding a little bit of detailing into your interior style. With a focus on the leaf botanicals, this pattern works for both contemporary and traditionally styled homes.
Totter and Tumble botanical cool grey Thinker and fresh sage Rambler luxury playmats for kids
The cool grey of the Thinker is the lightest of the Nomad and the Thinker greys. 
Looking to add delicate texture?
Inspired by the stunning North African Kilim patterns, these playmats are most like a rug out of all of the range. The midnight teal of the Wanderlust is dramatic but subtle all at the same time, and is designed for both lighter colour schemes ad gorgeous moody interiors.
totter and tumble stunning bold aztec pattern playmat rug Wanderlust and Globe Trotter Kilim memory foam playmats

Still can’t make your mind up?

If you live in the UK you can order a little piece of your favourite reversible Totter + Tumble playmat to try out in your own home and get to feel the quality up close. We seek to make our Swatch Service as sustainable as possible, and therefore provide refunds for the cost of the swatch on return so another family can get use from it as well. For full details, check out our Swatch Service here.