The soft terracotta Captain and the complementary marl grey leopard Trailblazer is available in both the Compact and the Standard sizes. Whether you purchase through the Captain or the Trailblazer, they are the reverse designs of the same luxury floor mat. 

Engineered for the whole family, the thick and durable memory foam designed is ideal for adding cushioning and support for all floor activities, from tummy time to getting to grips with taking first steps as well as for mum and dads exercise sessions or yoga. 

The textured baby mat can be unrolled on hard wood flooring or carpets, the weighty memory foam ensuring it doesn't slide around like lighter designs can. The textured embo also provides traction to support with crawling and walking.
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Baby reaches for sensory muslin supported on kids playmat with a warm terracotta kilim pattern
two sides of the reversible and padded play mat designed to support babies and look stylish in the modern family home
The Captain Playmat
From £140
Sitting baby plays with teething toy on supportive and soft sufrace of grey leopard print playmat
Double sided modern play mats with two designs so you can change the feel of your space with a simple flip over
The Trail Blazer Playmat
From £140