Let's Talk Patterns

Perhaps you aren’t trying to find the perfect shade of colour, but have fallen in love with a patterned design. You may be dotty for the spotty Scout or wild for the leopards of The Champion or The Trailblazer. You may be taken by the beauty of the Kilim inspired playmats, or the tranquillity of the scallops.

NEW: Inspired Ikats

Our 2023 Collection has beauty woven in.
totter and tumble signature kilims

Signature Kilims

Steeped in history, explore our Kilim inspired range.

Morris & Co. X Totter + Tumble

The Ultimate Collaboration of timeless design
totter and tumble ditsy print patterns play mats luxury memory foam padded play mat


Playful Patterns scaled for interiors.
totter and tumble vintage chevron play mats padded memory foam suitable from birth

Vintage Chevrons

Our original soft geometric design that oozes subtly.
totter and tumble scalloped designs


Play with the curves of the ancient Japanese Seigaiha art.
totter and tumble botanical designs The Rambler and The Thinker


Imagine wandering through a British wild meadow.
Totter and Tumble interior led designs The Eclipse and The Solstice luxury padded memory foam play mats

Polka Phases

2021 New Designs brings an abstract, polka twist to Moon phases.

The Swatch Service

Our design Guide may have helped you whittle down the choice, but you may still be stuck between two playmats. This is where our Swatch Service will really help.

Use our Swatch Service to get a little piece of our Totter + Tumble playmats to your home so you can see the quality first hand and the designs in real life.

The Swatch Service

Choose up to two Swatches.


Choose up to two swatches only to keep our service running sustainably.

See how your favourite Totter + Tumble design looks against your home furnishings, or if you fancy getting a feel for the quality of the sealed memory foam, our swatch service delivers a mini piece of Totter + Tumble through your letterbox.

Consider the size you want to buy before you purchase swatches, as we have a smaller collection of Round and Play Runner designs.

For our larger scale motifs, you may receive only a section of the design.

Once you have made your decision, please return your swatches back to us within 30 days, using the Freepost label in your envelope, so we can reuse them and you can be refunded.

We are now able to send Swatches to customers in the Channel Islands. Reach out if you would like to set up an order.

Style:The Scout + Wanderer