Totter + Tumble Support Circle Focus: Baby Massage

Totter + Tumble Support Circle Focus: Baby Massage

Totter and Tumble Support Circle 

The Totter + Tumble Support Circle series is rooted in connection and support. We have been inspired to create content that will connect you to businesses and resources who can support your unique parenting journey. In our Focus pieces, we take a closer look at a topic we think will help you.

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Infant massage creates a special bonding experience for you and your baby. Directly connecting with the sense of touch, the massage offers your baby reassurance in the same way a cuddle, stroke or gentle pat does. 

What is baby massage? 

To put it simply, baby massage is gentle stroking and manipulation of a baby’s body, which may include a focus on an area of the body, such as the legs or feet. Like with a relaxing massage you may enjoy at a spa, it can include gentle music, affirmations and scent or light to heighten the sensory experience.


Baby massage is an incredible bonding experience for you and your baby and can be a great way to relieve babies pain from gas and colic. But it isn’t only beneficial for your baby, it can also help you become more aware of your little one’s needs.


Baby massage classes have grown in popularity, especially during the pandemic, where class leaders used online platforms to deliver classes straight into the homes of new parents. Today, practising baby massage at home couldn’t be easier, with brilliant online resources to guide and support those sessions. Choose a spot which is comfortable for both you and your baby, such as on the Totter + Tumble Play Runner mat, which supports baby and you on the thick memory foam, and why not follow the video below created by Motherhood Bubble. Nicole is a midwife, trained hypnobirthing teacher and baby massage pro as well.

motherhood bubble youtube video with totter and tumble

If you want to get involved in infant massage outside of your home, look for places nearby who offer in person classes. Yoga studios will often have a parent and baby sessions and your local children's centre may also have a newborn class as part of their weekly schedule. If you want a full on bonding experience with your baby why not book into a baby spa, such as the nurturing haven of Baby Spa London. These indulgent experiences often include baby massage as well as other relaxing sensory elements such as newborn hydrotherapy.


You can safely practice baby massage from birth, but you may prefer to wait until after your babies six week check up (and catch some sleep for yourself first!) Babies can become touched out from over stimulation, and they won't find a massage relaxing when they are over tired, hungry or stressed, so identifying the right time for baby massage is important. You may find working it into their post bath time routine really helps them to wind down before bed.

As with all things baby and parenting, if you have any specific concerns, do reach out to your health visitor or GP.


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