Monochrome + Greyscale

Monochrome and Greyscale

The beauty of black and white is that by simply removing all colour and concentrating on a monochromatic design, it is enough to provide some much-needed tranquility to an interior. The designs may appear more simple at first glance, however there is a lot of light and shade with which we have played with when creating our designs.  

monochrome white grey black playmat totter and tumble

From the left: The Eclipse, The Trail Blazer, The Scout, The Astronomer


The Eclipse: a larger scale interpretation of the polka dot, reminiscent of lunar phases.

The Trailblazer: our modern leopard print designs, in grey tints.

The Scout: a bold spotty pattern which adds an element of playfulness.

The Astronomer: the darkest of our playmats, in a charcoal tone.


Still can’t make your mind up? Check out our Swatch Service to get your hands on up to 2 swatches of your favourite Totter + Tumble playmats to try out at home.

The Swatch Service



Choose up to two swatches only to keep our service running sustainably.

See how your favourite Totter + Tumble design looks against your home furnishings, or if you fancy getting a feel for the quality of the sealed memory foam, our swatch service delivers a mini piece of Totter + Tumble through your letterbox.

Consider the size you want to buy before you purchase swatches, as we have a smaller collection of Round and Play Runner designs.

For our larger scale motifs, you may receive only a section of the design.

Once you have made your decision, please return your swatches back to us within 30 days, using the Freepost label in your envelope, so we can reuse them and you can be refunded.

We are now able to send Swatches to customers in the Channel Islands. Reach out if you would like to set up an order.

Style:The Scout + Wanderer