The Seagrass Mariner and the complementary dove grey Roamer is available in both the Compact and the Standard sizes. Whether you purchase through the Mariner or the Roamer, you will receive the same double sided baby play mat. 

Continually a bestseller in our in-house designed collection, the Mariner and Roamer foam playmat offers subtle yet stylish motifs that suit modern family homes. The repeat pattern of the Mariner, inspired by Seigaiha wave patterns, feels familiar and adds a feeling of natural movement in the space it is unrolled. Find out more about this design in our Meet The Mariner article.

The Roamer is a go-to choice for rooms lending themselves to a neutral playmat. With a vintage style geometric motif on a warm grey background, it adds a gentle detail without overpowering or dominating the space. Visit our Meet The Roamer article to get a closer look at this customer favourite mat.
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Baby lays on tummy on floor mat interested in the beautiful scalloped motif inspired by Japanese Seigaiha waves
Versatile memory foam baby playmat with two designs for you to enjoy your home
The Mariner Playmat
From £140
Baby crawling and playing on padded playmat with wooden toy
versatile double sided reversible padded foam playmats created with complementary motifs for modern homes so you can change the feel of your family home with a simple flip over
The Roamer Playmat
From £140