The earthy olive Harvester and the complementary Solstice playmat, a modern twist on the polka dot and reminiscent of the Sun ellipse, is available in both the Compact and the Standard sizes.

Double-sided Totter + Tumble baby play mats offer remarkable versatility in the family home. Perfect for baby play and toddlers' development milestones; they also serve as comfortable quiet time or storytime spaces.

For the adults in the home too, the cushy playmats are ideal for exercise, from pilates to yoga. Their wipeable, closed cell design also ensures simple cleaning, making them a practical, multipurpose addition to any family's living space.
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Baby engaged in shiny sensory toys sitting comfortably on green play mat with beautiful kilim textile motif
Two sided play mat with modern motifs that look stylish in family homes and offer protection for babies playing on the floor
The Harvester Playmat
From £140
Baby crawls across neutral playmat with modern design to complement family interiors
Reversible play mat with two designs so you can pick the side that best suits your interior and your mood
The Solstice Playmat
From £140