Top 10 baby gifts for Christmas that will be used for years

Top 10 baby gifts for Christmas that will be used for years

Buying gifts for babies can be hard, especially if they are still in the newborn stage. From our experience as parents, we recommend choosing investment buys for the first Christmas.

Here are top ten baby gifts for Christmas that will be loved by years, curated by the Totter + Tumble team. 



Yoto is our household’s most adored screen free gadget, used everyday without fail. Introduce the Yoto as part of the bedtime routine when they are babies, with white noise or lullaby cards. As they get bigger, the Yoto library has countless stories, music cards and other gems for them to enjoy at any time of the day.

Tripp Trapp by Stokke

The Stokke Tripp Trapp needs no introduction and I am here to tell you, they are worth the hype! Built to last, with configurations and additions to suit your little one's age and stage; the Tripp Trapp is an investment purchase that will be used every day throughout childhood.

Baby Journal by Specialday

If you enjoy journaling, the Specialday albums are amazing for capturing childhood memories and treasures in a really special way. From pregnancy photos, to writing down your little ones first words so you never forget, it’s a gift for you and for them to adore forever.

Onesie by Toastie

Created with room-to-grow, Toastie are passionate about quality outerwear for children and their winter onesies are cleverly sized so you can get at least two years worth of wear. Keep your little one delightfully warm with the most snug and sustainable onesie going.

Milestone Mat by The Birth Poster

Childhood milestones are precious and the leather Milestone Mat is a sweet photo backdrop to help you keep a visual reminder as they grow. Use the markers to record the day, month or year and capture a photo.

Easel by Ikea

I have a list of Ikea essentials and the Easel is in the top 10! From when they are able to stand, they will enjoy mark making with baby-safe paint. As they get older, you won’t believe how many hours they will enjoy creating artwork at the easel. Just don’t forget the paper!

3 in 1 by Micro Scooter

Made to last and with modern colourways, the Micro Scooter 3-in-1 is a purchase that keeps on giving. My one year old preferred being chauffeured on the scooter to the pram and then converted to the lean-to scoot when he could walk independently. I love that Micro Scooter encourage hand-me-downs, with a suite of replacement parts to keep repairable scooters out of landfill.

Memory box by Meminio

Because memories are worth their weight in gold, a Meminio memory box will become a family heirloom and is such a beautiful keepsake gift to treasure forever. Available in a range of colours, they are luxe treasure troves that you won’t want to hide away in the loft.

Stacking Stones by Stapelstein

European toy brand Stapelstein have gone global with their sensory toys. I adore the open-ended nature of the stepping stones that kids’ know how to play with, even if you don’t! 

Playmat by Totter + Tumble

Bias we know, but a Totter + Tumble playmat is a gift that the whole family will adore for years. Need a safe spot for your baby to enjoy floor play as they develop and grow? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a playmat that doesn’t scrimp on style or practicality? That’s us.