Tips for creating a cosy nursery corner in the master bedroom

Tips for creating a cosy nursery corner in the master bedroom

With babies not moving into their own room until around six months of age, there is a growing trend for styling cosy nursery corners in parents' bedrooms.

Here we provide tips and suggestions for creating a practical and cosy nursery nook, that will be perfect for the early days (and nights) with a baby. 


1. Essentials Trolley

Credit: Minimalist Mama

Don't forget to roll in an essentials trolley before your due date, it's as important as batch cooking food! Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, looking after a newborn is demanding and hungry work. Keep the cart topped up with snacks as well as other fourth trimester essentials you'll want at hand; from nipple balm and muslins, to a water bottle and your polaroid camera. Ikea stocks the viral nursing cart Rashult, but we love wooden options too, like this from Nkuku as well.


2. Feel Good Decor

Credit: Munks & Me

If you are planning a master bedroom revamp before your baby arrives, stick to a relaxing, feel good scheme. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary! We love Munks & Me neutral wallpaper collection, with so many beautiful options to use as a feature wall mural. House plants are fantastic for enhancing wellbeing indoors as well. Choose a nursery safe option, such as the Parlour Palm, which filters indoor air, releases oxygen and are welcomingly low maintenance. Lastly, ensure you have a soft nightlight for a tranquil glow after the sun goes down - don't turn on the big light during nighttime nappy changes!


3. Practical Co Sleeper 

Credit: Baby Bay

During the first few months following birth, a co-sleeper cot is a really practical option. Not only does it make feeding through the nights easier, but can be a huge advantage after difficult labours or caesareans, when mobility is restricted. Whether you choose a design that has an open side to attach to the bed frame, or a bassinet option with fold down sides, next-to-me cribs are typically narrow (perfect for small main bedrooms), but larger than traditional Moses baskets, so they won't outgrow them until you are ready for the monumental transition into a cot.


4. Versatile Changing Table

Credit: Mebie Baby

Who said you need a changing table? Choose a dresser or chest of drawers that can be used beyond the nappy days in your master bedroom or elsewhere. We favour drawers with a removable changing top, or you could simply repurpose a dresser you already have, by adding a supportive wedge changing mat on the top. Get hold of drawer organisers to keep nappies and clothes orderly and easy to find - this is the perfect time to reach for your label maker too! You'll really thank yourself for being organised in the depths of routineless newborn life.


5. Clever Storage 

Credit: Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you are working with a tight bedroom space or plan for your little one to be in with you for more than the first six months, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the things and not a lot of storage - it's time to get clever. Utilising under the bed may seem obvious to some, but it is often a neglected space. We recommend choosing long lasting boxes, such as these beautiful water hyacinth options. Storing your seasonal wardrobe pieces, such as bulky sweatshirts, frees up wardrobe space for plenty of baby bits. Besides this, we love the flexibility of large storage ottomans that double up as seats or a side table, as well as versatile belly baskets that can be used for speedy clear ups.


6. Multipurpose Play Rug

Credit: Totter + Tumble

You'll feel like you need an extra pair of hands at some stage with a newborn, and unless you've unlocked a parenting power we don't yet know about - we have the next best thing. Our newborn+ certified playmats double up as practical rugs in the home, providing decoration as well as that all important comfort and protection. Need to pop your baby down for a moment? Our magic memory foam mats, that mould around weight and are non-toxic, have you covered. Ideal for gentle prenatal and postnatal exercise, changing baby and so much more, shop our range of multifunctional floor mats today. 


Your Nursery Corner Check List

1. Totter + Tumble Round Playmat
2. Dockatot Feeding Pillow
3. Andrew Martin Armchair
4. Nubie Chest of Drawers
5. Adamo Joya Baby Nest
6. Leaf Envy Parlour Palm
7. Baby Bay Co Sleeper
8. Munks & Me Wallpaper
9. Botanic & Wild Baskets
10. Happ Nappy Caddy
11. La Redoute Storage Trolley
12. Hatch Nightlight