The Junior Design Awards – Our Category!

In June 2018 I was thrilled to hear Totter + Tumble Playmats had been shortlisted for a Junior Design Award in the category for Best Interiors Product Design (Accessory), and was even more delighted to see the company I had with the large and small businesses also shortlisted in the same category. And what is most exciting, is that all the products shortlisted all complement each other as both stylish and functional products, so here I am going to quickly introduce each one and why I would love to have them in my family home.



Anarok bedlinen
ANORAK - ORCA BEDLINEN Made with 100% cotton and a 200 thread count, these bed sheets are perfect for the summer heat! Reversible, like our playmats, one side is a shade off monochrome, and the other is a wave pattern with a geometric feel that would suit so many different interior styles, and would also last from the youngest through to teenagers.
ARTISANNE - WOVEN STORAGE BASKET - I am a little bit in love with these baskets, and with a gold JDA under their belt already it is clear the judges at Junior Magazine agree! Directly sourced from the women in Senegal who beautifully hand craft these ethical storage baskets that add style and function to the modern family home. And with different sizes and shapes, there is a home for every toy to be put away and the parents to still enjoy their family space when the kids are in bed.
Eve Baby Mattress
EVE MATTRESS - BABY MATTRESS - This may look just like an eye catching mattress, but the design that has gone into it definitely goes a long way in the parenting world. I certainly found it hard to find a mattress that was high quality and durable, but the eve mattress goes to another level thinking about everything. From the antibacterial cover and the inbuilt waterproof protector (no need for rustling waterproof sheets!) certainly puts a parent’s mind at ease.
GREAT LITTLE TRADING COMPANY - TOMORROW'S CLOTHES RAIL - Which part of the daily routine can be the most frustratingly slow and argumentative? Getting dressed. This sturdy little clothes rail, adorned with a shelf too, is designed to help encourage children to make their own choices the night before and thus remove the options when arising the next morning. Plus it would suit any kids bedroom and the shelf above means that it will still look styled without the clothes hanging.
Miffy First Light
MIFFY - MIFFY FIRST LIGHT -  The first of 102 Miffy books came out in 1955 and culminated in a movie – The MIffy Movie- in 2013. And now you can buy all things Miffy – which is great, as that little rabbit is rather cute. My eldest doesn’t like the dark so I had already been trying to find something that didn’t resemble a disco light show or a strange egg shaped light. The Miffy First Light lets off a warm white glow when on, and still looks great off. Job done!
Sleepy Head Night Falls
SLEEPYHEAD - THE ORIGINAL FAIRYTALES COLLECTION FOR SLEEPYHEAD COVERS – The same collection won the Silver Award in the same category last year and I too love the patterns on these covers. Having had, and loved, a sleepyhead for both my children when they were newborn, I would have loved these covers to add a little more style. I can just imagine the ‘Night Falls’ in my living room.
TELLKIDDO - FABRIC STORAGE BAG – These are also great for storage that looks great – at home we use them for storing particular things, so we have a fabric bag for swimming gear, one for wet weather things, another one for those little shoes that are wrong for this time of year but still fit. And my favourite use if actually for sleepovers- they fit every last teddy in and are carried really easily.
TOTTER + TUMBLE – PLAYMAT Seeing as you’re here and reading this, I am assuming you have some idea of Totter + Tumble Playmats, but if you want to find out more information on the design aspects making the playmats both stylish and practical then head to the About page.