Quiz Club!

Quiz Club!

Staying in is the new going out and it turns out at-home date nights and group parties can be really memorable. Restaurants countrywide are stepping up to the plate (ahem!) to deliver your favourite dishes to your doorstep and with apps like Zoom and Houseparty bringing people together virtually, you can get a taste of those pre-social distancing, off-duty evenings, from the comfort of your sofa.
Because we know you're run off your feet during these tough times, we’ve pulled together this quiz perfect for an evening once the little ones are in bed. Host a video call with your nearest and dearest and get stuck in - it will be fun, promise.

Round 1: Face Mash
Each Face has been created by mushing two celebrities together. Who are they? 
One point for each double act!

Quiz time face mash

Images provided with permission from artist Gesichtrermix.



Round 2: Random Knowledge Round
This isn’t one for the history buffs or those that can write a scientific equation. Anyone can play!


  1. Where on a horse would you find their frog?


  1. Which two countries have square flags?


  1. What airport has the code ABZ?


  1. Which British charity has the slogan ‘Refusing to ignore people in crisis’?


  1. In texting what does HAND stand for?


  1. Which two countries in South America do not border Brazil?


  1. What item of clothing was named after its Scottish inventor?


  1. In the "Thunderbirds", what was Lady Penelope's chauffeur called? 


  1. Who was the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne? 


Round 3: Ditloids 
For example 3 B M is 3 Blind Mice.
Non-capitalised letters refer to prepositions  or articles such as in, on, the, an, a.

15. S W a t 7 D
16. 12 I  i a F
17. 400 M A a A T
18. 39 B S  i t O Y
19. A t W i 80 D
20. 64 S o a C B



Round 4: Tube Stations
Here are the clues, what are the stations? (If you have no knowledge of London tube stations, everyone can use a tube map)

 21. Bigger than big


22. Trumpeting New York thoroughfare


23. Irate monarch


24. Blackboard materials are grown here


25. There are no acrobats at this university


26. Mad dogs 


27. 1760 Yards stop here


28. Red rose entrance


29. Patella’s lair

BONUS QUESTION: Which are the best playmats in the world?







Round 1: Face Mash Answers

1. Pierce Brosnan and Kiefer Sutherland

2. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

3. Nicolas Cage and Boris Becker

4. 50 cent and Shaquille O'Neal

5. Emma Watson and Russell Brand


Round 2: Random Knowledge Round Answers

6. Hoof/foot,

7. Switzerland, Vatican City

8. Aberdeen

9. British Red Cross

10. Have a Nice Day

11. Ecuador and Chile

12. The Makintosh

13. Parker

14. Dom Perignon


Round 3: Ditloids

15. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

16. 12 inches in a foot

17. 400 m around an athletics track

18. 39 Bible Stories in the Old Testament

19. Around the World in 80 Days

20. 64 squares on a chess board


Round 4: Tube Stations Answers

21. Wapping

22. Tooting Broadway

23. Kings Cross

24. Chalk Farm

25. Oxford Circus

26. Barking

27. Mile End

28. Lancaster Gate

29. Neasden

BONUS: 30. Totter + Tumble Playmats!