Meet the Playmat: The Wanderer

Meet the Playmat: The Wanderer

The Wanderer is one of three vintage chevron designs in the Totter + Tumble collection. In a gentle blue-grey hue, it unrolls to sit timelessly in family homes as a rug alternative and is continually one of our best-selling, original playmats.


The Colour Palette

For the colour palette, The Wanderer takes a fresh blue-grey hue for the background, steering away from the true grey tones which can feel cold. The fine-lined diamond pattern, in a soft off-white, sits subtly against the background.

wanderer play mat blue grey play mat by totter and tumble

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The Pattern History

The chevron pattern can be traced back thousands of years, with excavations of ancient Greek pottery featuring chevron motifs, dating from approximately 1800 BC. More recently, chevrons in a repeat diamond formation, were synonymous of the Art Deco period, where intricate line art, symmetry and repetition were highly favoured for detailing. The classic, geometric pattern, has a vintage appeal for modern design today.

The Vision

Susie Stubbs founder of totter and tumble play mat brand

The Stats
Because we know one size doesn't fit all, The Wanderer is available in four sizes. The Standard works as a multipurpose, alternative to a textile rug, the Compact is ideal for play spaces in open plan living and the Round offers a portable option that still comfortably allows you to enjoy floor play with your baby.
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