Family Interiors with Pop + Punch

Family Interiors with Pop + Punch

As an interior designer for the past decade, and with a specialism in family spaces, Laura Warren knows her stuff. In 2018 Laura launched Pop & Punch, knowing how to identify quality, sustainable and stylish pieces for children and family interiors and play.

Drawn together by this commitment for our love of high quality children’s products, I reached out to Laura to hand pick some of her range that could go hand in hand with Totter + Tumble playmats.

The words below are her own.


Choosing baby and children’s toys and products can be a serious headache for eco-minded and stylish parents. We shop organic, recycle our packaging and rinse out our reusable water bottles, only to glance around our homes at the sea of plastic tat and disposable party bag nick knacks that our little ones have accumulated. There is no doubting the popularity of this garish (and most commonly noisy) stuff with the little people, but there are so many alternatives now.

We want to help you banish more of the plastic tat, and buy better and more sustainable products, as well as find products for your children, that fit into your home and style. Sometimes we find a brand that just goes hand in hand with all of our gorgeous products and completely nails what we are aiming to achieve. Enter Totter & Tumble, they are the bee knees when it comes to the one product wonder, the most practical, stylish, sustainable and beautiful playmats you ever did see. 

Now most of you will suddenly think of  those 'lovely' puzzle mats, you know the ones you have to take apart and hose down to clean the vomit out of, that you can  never get clean again due to the texture on the surface. I searched high and low for a better alternative, for bigger mats and for something that would fit in with our interiors, failing on both accounts and settling for some large and neutral coloured puzzle mats, also coming across lots of the brands that we now stock. Then I found Totter & Tumble on Instagram just before both of our respective launches.

By that time Pops was running, climbing and steaming her way around the house, the puzzle mat banish to be used as a gym floor in the garage. I followed avidly to see what was coming, and revelled in awe at these gorgeous mats that I was cursing weren't around a year earlier. They are a perfect match for any family home, and even better is how well they go with our range. The idea is that it is a product that will last though childhood and well beyond, something that we also want for all of our products, share them with siblings, cousins and they can pass them to their children in turn.

Pop and Punch Childrens Bed

From being the perfect crash landing from our house frame bed, only 4 inches off the floor, it can still wake your little one when she roll out, the soft landing of the Totter & Tumble mat can prevent them from waking. This is definitely the case for us, with our wooden floors thought the house, a little roll from our fidget usual wakes her, but not now. It also creates a great surface for hours of play with our wooden toys, now loud bangs and clatters as towers go tumbling, toys aren't quite reached and white playing pretend in our beautiful teepees.  

Pop and Punch Teepees Totter and Tumble Playmat

Its fab and so lightweight that you can easily carry it outside, take a teepee for shade, grab a sack full of toys and play in the garden too. What I love most about it is how easily all the designs fit in with all of our ranges. From the beautiful neutral 'The Nomad' design, that honestly looks amazing with all our toy storage sacks, although we especially love it with some of the bolder colour ways, like the gold stella/blue night.

Pop and Punch Nobodinoz Totter and Tumble Playmat


For me, and especially with Living Coral being Pantones colour of the year for 2019, the clear favourite is 'The Dreamer'. Its soft coral tone gives it a modern but colourful feel along with the geometry of the prints are the perfect combination for our Nobodinoz beanbags, they all mix and match, creating soft, warm and comfortable play spaces for all ages. 

Pop and Punch Bean Bag on Totter and Tumble playmat

Have fun creating your space with these perfect combinations!