21 Brands to Shop Small with this Christmas

21 Brands to Shop Small with this Christmas

We know our Totter + Tumblers love the quality of our Totter + Tumble playmats and the extra sprinkle of service you get with buying from a small brand. So, this year to make shopping with small brands easier, we’ve teamed up with twenty other independent online brands to offer our best at Christmas all in one place. Our aim is to make shopping small for Christmas simple and packed full of treats for you.

First things first-  how can you access these amazing small designers and business discounts? Simply sign up to just ONE of the brands’ newsletters mentioned below and you will be sent an invite and code to the Christmas Curated website.

You can join us anytime in November and December 2019 by signing up to the Totter + Tumble Email here.

Below is our small business gift guide packed full of present ideas so you can shop small for babies, big kids and parents – and best of all, you can get the Christmas offers from all these brands, all in one place!


How to Shop Small for baby gifts

Here are some of our favourite picks from some of the participating brands- but remember, they all do so much more!

 🎁 Rosie Meringue combines her graphic design skills and love for woodwork with her beautiful laser cut ply decor. From garlands to birth announcement plaques, these timeless pieces would be treasured pieces.

🎁 Sisi & Seb have the most exquisite range of brands on their online boutique- from finding gorgeous Christmas Day outfits from Tocoto, or Louise Misha to these stunning Liewood bib capes for when baby tries their first Brussels sprout

🎁 Now Binibamba have sheepskins that you may not want to giveaway. Super soft and snuggly, but with serious style and functionality. Plus- have you seen the collaboration with Tiba and Marl?!

🎁 Claude & Co is full of meaning to add a little sprinkle extra special in your gifts. The Part of Something tees and their donation to Meningitis charity are amazing, but these new journals are stunning. Aimed at the years 0-5 years old, there is space for 5 Christmases of jottings. 🎄

  claude & co milking it babygrow baby vest child cosy in bed


How to shop small for toddlers and children this Christmas

🎁 If you appreciate intricate design, you’ll love Little Hotdog Watson Hats and scarves that are not only eye catching but every feature has been carefully added to the max- making them seriously smart.

🎁 Pop & Punch has the magic sorted with their whimsical Fabelab doll range that all kids would love to tuck in at night with.

🎁 Cuddledry have bath time down to a tee- so much so that they’ve had over 70 awards for making the end of the day a little calmer, warmer and less stressful!

🎁 We love Mini Maison who realise toys can be seriously cool and kids interiors as stylish as adults. With their own brand as well as highly curated retail, you might want it all. 🎄

 hotdog watson winter hats for children girl wearing trapper hat with foxes on it


How to shop small for parents this Christmas 

Shopping for adults can be tricky as they already have the main things, that’s why we’ve put some extra thought into these... 

🎁 As a parent, play can be daunting at times. The wonderful Claire Play HOORAY! gently shows us it doesn’t need to be hard. With her carefully created, purposeful but easy to set up PlayPROMPTS you could give the gift of play to a parent this Christmas

🎁 is there anything better than soft, organic sleepwear? Yes there is- family matching, soft, organic sleepwear- and Didi and Bud has the most gorgeous range loved by us all.

🎁 Totter and Tumble playmats are equally for the children as it is for parents, who love the wipedown and easy care function. And they LOVE that their house is still their home so when the kids are in bed, parents can enjoy their mulled wine and their family space.

🎁 Love travelling and camping in your family but hate the achey backs and slippy bed sheets, or maybe one parent is reluctant? The gift of Bundle Beds will solve your problems with their roll out fully formed beds (even double beds!) 🙌 🎄

totter and tumble wanderlust bold design padded playmat with didi and bud family wearing matching pyjamas PJs 


How to shop small for expecting and new parents this Christmas

Maybe you want to give them something practical that will help make their days easier, or something to keep forever to capture the journey of parenting. Here are some of our favourite brands taking part in Christmas Curated, and why you and your little loved ones will adore them too.

🎁 Meminio is on our Christmas list this year - providing the most precious memories of a new baby with a beautifully crafted cases and folders to keep your treasures safe. So clever.

🎁 Baby Grey have the most beautiful nursing rockers - an investment piece that will last for years and provide style in the daylight hours, and comfort at night.

🎁 etta loves isn’t just a muslin and baby essential brand- they put serious science into their stylish muslins, blankets and playmats. Designed to capture your babies with millimetre-precise patterns, you can give a babe a magical sensory experience, and parents a little peace.

🎁 Fornessi has the softest, snuggest way to carriers for you to hold your baby close. The wraps of breathable, ecological material with gorgeous soft colours extend across the range of baby essentials.  🎄

 bright turquoise memino memory boxes for children and parents to safe keep memories mini suitcases stacking home decor


How to shop small this Christmas for grown-ups and homeware this Christmas 

🎁 the modern and playful art prints and paper goods from The Little Jones would look just as good in the kids room as it would in the living room- plus personalisation is an easy win with these as gifts.

🎁 Avery Row on-the-go playmats and blankets are ideal for the family home, or for the grandparents and relatives who want to accommodate the kids but not the kid-stuff!

🎁 once you have one Artisanne basket, you’ll want them all. Started by two sisters, Elizabeth and Emma, who lived in Senegal for 6 years and brought back with them a relationship forged directly with the weavers, who craft beautiful and sturdy basketry.

🎁One Mama One Shed collection revolves around the message of buy well, waste less. Enamel crockery and metalwork that’s designed to stay in your home, not the landfill. Plus, they’re gorgeous and personalised.

🎁 Giving the gift of memories is a precious one. Family Rule wooden height rulers are the most gorgeous way to mark the most treasured moments of life and look beautiful in any home- especially with the hand painted and personalised touch. 🎄

 family rule wooden family ruler present for all the family to enjoy height chart with little girl peering over across on a step

We do hope the gift guides have been really helpful. Don’t forget to gain access to Christmas Curated sign up to our newsletter here by December 2019.