Designed for Busy Parents


Parents, we've got this. At the end of your day, you can strike scrubbing off the to-do list. Maybe it was the spilt milk, or a dribbly teething babe, the crumbs caught in the fold of your little ones jumpers or the remnants of messy play. Parenting is busy enough, let's take the hard work out of playmats.


Totter + Tumble playmats are simple care and wipe down. No fibres to scrape mush out of, no pieces to try and clean inbetween and reassemble. 


How do I look after our Totter + Tumble Playmat?

Roll out and wipe down! You only need to use a gentle cleaning solution and a cloth to keep the playmat clean. Simple. If you’re not sure if your cleaner is gentle, a good indicator is if it’s deemed to be okay on your skin, it’s okay on the playmat. You can always pop us an email via if you’re unsure as well.

Although our mats are wipedown, they can still stain so be careful when using food colourings in messy play, picnicking on berries and anything acidic etc and wipe off spillages quickly. Best to keep any heavy furniture, sharply clawed pets and some hoovers off your mat to minimise the risk of damaging your playmat.


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